In honor of the single person who has found this site and disturbed it’s dusty slumber, I will leave a few words here. Describing not myself but my principles, here are three links I hold rather dear and read almost every day.

Great minds of the past

* Project Gutenberg

Great minds of the present

* Eurekalert

Great discussions

* Language Hat

I find there is nothing worth reading in the news; there are no facts left. Journalists are anchored to their advertisers, bloggers are disembodied and unaccountable opinions, and every celebrity is a lobbyist. Schools, churches, lawyers, doctors, everyone is so busy keeping up to speed with the party line, there is no time left to master a topic and review all the facets of an issue. Even think tanks are like race car drivers, proudly wearing the slogans of their sponsors while they read from derived reports full of front-loaded gossip and mathematical shenanigans. There isn’t an unfractured ethic left.

So I’m waiting to see what comes next. And perhaps to comment. Later.


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